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rock space EB60 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

rock space EB60 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds



RM 129.00  RM 149.00

- True wireless technology allows you to enjoy music and stay connected with both earbuds without cable.
- Acoutic technology, Hi-Fi speaker and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) deliver powerful lows, giving excellent music experience
- Bluetooth 5,0 connection provides you lower consumption, better signal, farther transmission distance and more excellent user experience.
- Smart touch key makes music play/pause volume adjust pick up/hang up call convenience.
- Compact & Exquisite, each weight around 5.5g
- Adjust the fit by rotating until you feel comfortable and secure fit.
- Passed multiple test to ensure durability. (such as plug test, drop test, temperature test, etc.)
- Long lasting battery, Approx 20 hours use per charge.
- Come with portable charging box, auto charge when placed earbud inside the box.
- 3 sizes earcaps given to meet majority need.
- Metal protective net prevent dust and other foreign items fall into cavity.
- Gold-plated metal contractors on headsets and box are oxidation resistant.

Product information 
Paring name: T6
Bluetooth transmission distance: Approx 10M
Music time: Approx 3.5 hours
Charging Time:Approx 1.5 hours
Earbud battery capacity: 100mAh
Charging box battery capacity: 400mAh
Material: ABS
Earbuds Size: 23.6*16.3*23.7*
Total Size: 64.3*39.86*24.9*