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rock space EB200 TWS Wireless Earbuds

rock space EB200 TWS Wireless Earbuds


RM 115.00  RM 139.00

* Equipped with a charging box of a 350mAh capacity which can continuously charge the earbuds for 4 times provides up to 15 hours playback time.
* Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip is used to reduce signal loss and disconnection caused by the interference of 2.4Hz frequency band, the transmission speed doubles in 10 meters faster and more stable.
* Equipped with high-fidelity micro-speakers and digital signal processing technology delivers clear and natural sound.
* Touch Operation control without needing to take your phone inside pocket/bag.
* Pick up from charging box to pair and put back to disconnect.
* Almost zero delay and synchronized well with video and game.
* Free switch between Single Earphone and Dual earphones.
* Tailor-made ergonomic design makes the earbuds closely fit ear canal and keep firm.
* Comfortable to wear.